Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Practice as a General Practitioner, be proud to set up your own clinic!

What happened to the good old clinics?
One of the worst hit from the corporatisation of healthcare have been the friendly next door clinics, the smiling attendant outside in the small 10 by 10 waiting room with a small color TV and old mags and the hidden compounder who would secretly pack those little 'pudis' of colored tablets for every minor ailment..
Okay, I'm sounding a bit outdated, but I still believe that general practioners have gotten a bad name and gone into oblivion only due to a few rotten apples. There could still be ways to have a flourishing GPclinic, if done smartly, and atleast a bit 'honestly'
Some great options:

  • If you're confident you can handle patients alone, seriously consider general practice
  • However, never consider the option straight after internship, work for a year odd min, get hands on experience, know some of the biggies in the referal circuit, more importantly study a couple of clinics before setting up yours
  • Look for the distribution of doctors in your area, find a non-competitive one, having a chemist in the vicinity is a boon
  • Rent a small place, do it up well, keep it non-frills arrange for about 6-7 seats, small side tables and good ventilation,make it looking clean; give it a name 
  • Put up a few pleasant health-related photos/paintings etc in the waiting room and collect reading pamphlets,mags etc to put out. Have some aqua company demo guy put up a drinking water console in a corner
  • Hire a (preferably )pleasant female attendant and train her before putting her on the job, she must decipher common medical illnesses etc
  • Get a PC/Lap and internet, start compiling a list of specialists and major hospitals in the area, include all emergency service providers

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