Friday, March 19, 2010

Setting up a Pathology Lab!

Wondered how do people go about starting a Pathology lab of their own? Most of these may not be trained pathologists themselves, they rather setup the infrastructure, and employ pathologists to work for their labs, even smallest of them. (understand that most newly trained pathologists too, aren't necessarily going to have a copital handy to immediately start a path lab of their own, so it becomes much easier to start off with something like this).
I am basically remotely not close to owning a Path lab myself, but based on what I have seen of  small-medium set-ups from collegues etc, I am just trying to build what looks like a business plan to set-up one. Please use only as baseline guide.
Experienced owners are kindly invited for their expert inputs...

So what do we need?

  • Scale: Decide how elaborate your lab would be in terms of tests you can perform there, or will have to refer
  • Space-Owned or rented (Check building permits for 24hour functioning)
  • Equipment
  1. -Basic machines covering the routine tests, 
  2. -Test kits, reagents, 
  3. -Working equipment in terms of glassware,etc, 
  4. -A computer, a printer, Stationary
  5. -Refrigeration,Telephones,etc
  6. -Biomedical waste disposal(Be very careful with this!)
  • Referals and Advertising: A list of major GPs, nursing homes, and residential societies in approximately 5-10km radius. In this case, advertising though not explicit,but indirectly is critical for the survival and out-reach of your unit.
  • Staff: Trained pathologists, Lab technicians, Collection staff, A cleaner in shifts
  • A financial plan: Depending on the capital invested, the scale of lab-size planned, and the time expected to break even, you need to have a sound cash-flow plan in place. Path-labs can initially take time to pick-up, so you must be prepared to for the initial investment by yourself. 

As with any other establisment, it goes without saying that you must visit atleast 5-10 different sized units of Path labs before starting you own in terms of set-up, interior and infrastructure, referals etc to learn from wnat is being done.

On a larger scale, it would be also helpful to look at the standardised chain models currently in the country, who may also be interested in Franchise models for their labs! Great hands-on learning experience.

Major Path Lab chains in India:

Also check out:

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Some of the companies manufacturing diagnostic kits include:
  • Accurex Biomedicals, 
  • Beacon Diagnostics, 
  • Bhat Biotech, 
  • Bio-systems Diagnostics 
  • J Mitra & Co,
  • Monozyme India, 
  • Span Diagnostics Ltd, 
  • Transasia Biomedicals, 
  • Tulip Group and 
  • XCyton Diagnostics.


guddu said...

Thank you Dr.Anuja for your guidance
as I'm planning to set a one point everything
pathology lab
your detail have turned out to be very helpful
to me if you have more details to share I'll be
thank you once again
S B Mohta

ashwin said...

hello Ma'am nice article you have posted. It give deep insgiht about the activities and recent development in this sector. I am working on a project on diagnostics but cannot find out what is the idle Break even point for a diagnostic centre newly set up. Is 2-3 years is the idle period. i need ur help

Pramod said...

I am working in diagnostic sales and willing to start up a pathology lab frenchies.can anyone guide me regarding the procedures of taking a frenchiese of SRL and Metropolis in varanasi,up

Mohan Kapoor said...

Nice blog on path labs, I would like to take a franchise from starimaging if I start my own path lab in future.

Vishwaroop Banerjee said...

hello Dr. I have a hospital and there have a lot of space and want to open a pathology lab...please give some guidence ok thank you....

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